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Come to the Universe

Águas de Mikael

The Force to evolve the world


See here the experience of those who have drunk from this source and experienced a remarkable transformation.

Unique people and real results

Fernanda Pinto.png

 Fernanda Pinto
- Portugal -

"I followed the impulse and bought Águas de Mikael ... I finally accepted to be the one that I really am ... A great certainty that I already have is that it is effective, it is autonomous, it is irreversible and it is very, very revealing."


Cássia Rodrigues
- Rio Grande do Sul -

"The differential of Águas de Mikael was to feel the frequencies. Knowing what the vibration of Truth is is different from feeling it in the body. "

Marina Dobcha.png

 Marina Dobscha

- Minas Gerais -

"I bought it, I believed it, I had faith, I did, and I had my awakening. And today I am a completely different person, much happier. I understand with much more clarity the things that are coming in my life "

Joicilane Bianchi.JPG

 Joicilane Bianchi

- Santa Catarina -

"I started drinking Águas de Mikael, it was such a magical expansion of consciousness. I came to see things so clear ... crystal clear and obvious. "



Cintia Beppler
- Santa Catarina -

"The big advantage of drinking the Blossom Water is to live your essence, to be who you are, and to live that peace that you seek so much."

Bianca Carrazone.JPG

Bianca Carrazzone
- São Paulo -

"With each Water, a part of me felt, a little of my conditioning, a little of my standards. Today I walk with a much truer purpose."



José Martins

- Rio de Janeiro -

“The only way for the planet to evolve is by expanding consciousness. And Águas de Mikael is not a hypothesis. It's a technology that works. ”

Junior Vasques.JPG

Junior Vasquez

- São Paulo -

Junior's testimony about doing the process with the Waters and participating in Mentoring. "This mentoring they gave me all the time was fantastic!"

Real Stories

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Do like thousands of people and change your life now

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