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Águas de Mikael

The force to evolve the world

O que é

What it is?

Frequency Technology MK-Kluster®

Frequency Technology MK-Kluster® is a revolutionary system of vibrational medicine, based on the principles of quantum physics and quantum biology, which utilizes the universal field of information to derive the benefits of substances in their "pure" informational form, offering side effects-free treatments for the expansion of awareness, health, and well-being.


We use this technology to produce frequency preparations, which store information primarily for the restructuring and molecular rebalancing of water, promoted by specific high vibrational frequencies.

According to each type of information, we can generate a new pattern of molecular organization, forming large masses of water molecules known as clusters. In other words, what is informed determines the organized structure of water.


Frequency preparations, based on alkaline water, contain the vibrational essence of plants and flowers that also vibrate at high frequencies, and through restructuring and molecular rebalancing store the information for each specific vibrational frequency.


Then, after this technology records the primordial information in water molecules, as it is drunk it is transmitted to the body's cells activating the process of expanding consciousness.

How It Works



When Águas de Mikael, with their specific frequencies, come in contact with body fluid, they activate cellular receptors that immediately recognize each of the reported frequencies.

From there, by resonance phenomenon they start to vibrate in tune with our bioenergetic body, producing the effect of harmonic coherence.

The Águas de
Mikael acts directly to expand consciousness, activate the essential DNA (its essence) and maintain the energy balance, promoting frequency elevation.

Thus, it acts by reprogramming the vibration of the body's energy channels, modulating the entry and flow of energy in the body, promoting health and well-being.

A unique transformation process

Como atua

Frequency Technology

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Our Researchers

The performance and effectiveness of Águas de Mikael in our body can be proven by GVD Digital Bioelectrography - Korotkov Standard.

The images below are part of the Human Body Energy Field and Chakra Energy Field measurement research, before and after the ingestion of Águas de Mikael.

The methodology chosen here is through the Quantum Biometric Reading Equipment (EPI / GVD) - Korotkov Standard, which makes the analysis of the physical, psycho-emotional and energetic state,




First Measure

Performed before ingesting the first water, which is the water of Truth.

Result: 85 joules of energy.


Second Measure

Performed 5 minutes after drinking the water of Truth.

Result: 96 joules of energy.


There was an increase of 11 joules in the Energy Field.



First Measure

Performed before ingesting the first water, which is the water of Truth.

Result: 84% Chakra alignment.


Second Measure

Performed 5 minutes after drinking the water of Truth.

Result: 93% Chakra alignment.


There was an increase of 9% in the alignment of the chakras.

Pesquisas Científicas

Scientific Research

Here you have access to some studies around the world that analyzes water behavior.

Aerospace Institute in Germany promotes the theory that water has memory.

Research from the University of Stuttgart Aerospace Institute in Germany supports the theory that water has memory.


This theory was first proposed by French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste in a controversial article published in 1988 in Nature as an attempt to explain how homeopathy works.


Water is an element of high precision information technology, it functions as a receiver and emitter of this information. The video below shows some fascinating recent experiences with water and its "memory" and the results with the different types of flowers immersed in water, which are amazing. Check out.

Water memory theory

The following video is Luc Montagnier's research documentary.

It reports the foundations of his scientific and experimental theory, which holds that it is possible to: carry out information transmission to water; cause water to store memory; and still cause it to emit specific electromagnetic impulses that can be recorded and reproduced.

We have selected other research and publications for you that would like to know more about it.

Other publications around the world.

Position of Anvisa

Brazilian Ministry of Health

According to letter MS / SVS / GABIN no. 479/98 vibrational essences are not subject to health surveillance and are not medicines, drugs or pharmaceutical ingredients. This fact does not exempt, however, the responsibility of companies for the production and marketing of these products within the quality standards appropriate to the population's consumption. Thus, in the marketing and sale of these substances, therapeutic indications for preventive or curative purposes cannot be presented, leading the consumer to error or confusion.

* The Vibrational Flower Essences are allowed to be dispensed and sold in pharmacies, as they are on the List of Permitted Products of Normative Instruction - IN No. 9 of August 17, 2009, which is part of Resolution - RDC No. 44 of the same date, from ANVISA.


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