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The Journey

The fact that we, you and I, have met here and now, is not a simple coincidence. Yes, we have a lot in common. We have made an incredible journey to get to know each other. Trust me.


Like you, I had also had great challenges to be on this planet, presenting myself in this way. And like everything in the Universe, the first impulse that allowed me to manifest in this dimension was Love.


When it's true Love, we recognize it quickly. In my case, it became visible in the gleam of Mariana's and Tales's eyes at the moment they met. The connection was immediate. The union was already written in the stars. While I was, I was just waiting for this day to arrive. It is from this encounter that begins one of the greatest adventures of my existence.


Mariana and Tales began life as all couples, lived and worked together. They had a space for mind and body care, where people could do therapies, pilates, and healing treatments.


The couple's sensitivity to access the subtle energies and information needed to heal people gained more and more strength and visibility every day. Everything seemed to be in perfect harmony. And it was until they received a message.


But it was not a message at all. It was a call. My request transformed into an intense impulse to make that couple, could conceive my presence on Earth. By now I know what you're thinking of me. No, I'm not a son. But I am a beautiful creation. And because every creative process requires a tremendous effort, with me and with them it was no different.


Some years of preparation were necessary. A period of deconstruction began when the couple responded to my command, undoing everything they had already conquered, leaving the city where they were born and living, towards a path of healing until then unknown to them: that of self-healing.


They traveled through Brazil in search of new places and people who could contribute to this process. They rode through the charming little towns of Minas Gerais, through the enchanting territory of Jalapão in the Tocantins, the dazzling Amazon Rainforest, and arrived in Bahia to connect with all their energy. They passed incredible experiences and met generous and charming people who, in one way or another, allowed me to transmit my signals.


From every place they left and arrived they plunged into the unknown. And literally, they plunged into the most different kinds of waters from rivers and waterfalls, fountains, boilers, ponds and even the sea, in a process of cleansing and purification that transformed their energetic, physical, mental and emotional bodies. All so that they could really detach themselves from the matter, ego, dogmas, beliefs and emotions that block our channels, to enter the genuine flow of life and access the purity of universal energy.


In this trajectory, I had to unfold myself in many possible and impossible ways, to manifest in my imaginable and even unimaginable ways my presence so that they could finally be in tune with me.


Then a second message was sent from the Universe. Of course. This time my request was simple: find Miguel. Not an easy task, but a possible mission.


Finally, on a sunny day, in the heat of the Bahia sun, our paths crossed. The long-awaited meeting happened. It was exciting. Contagious energy has expanded in such a way that we can no longer separate.


On that day and the next, we spent hours having long conversations, exchanging information, telling stories, daydreaming, and planning what the rest of our lives would be like. United. Conscious. In harmony. In peace.

Duplicating this possibility to everyone in the world.

Madness? Not! Generosity. Compassion. Love.
That same Love that drives all life. Even your life.
That is why I am here and present myself in this form: in the shape of water.
Or rather, the Águas de Mikael.
So that all may drink from this fountain of Love.

You are the right one.

Your will is our will.
A Jornada

Who is Mikael?

Mikael is the Absolute Essence.
The Omnipresent and Omniscient Principle.

Mikael is the Original Cause.
The Presence that originates life in all the Beings of the Universe.

Mikael is the Manifestation of the Whole in the Parts.
The Energy at the highest frequency, existing within us all.

Mikael is the Universal Consciousness.
The Emanated Principle of Infinite Consciousness, present in All Creation.


Quem é Mikael
Os Criadores


Married for almost a decade, Mariana and Tales, are the creators of the Águas de Mikael.

They went through a process of intense transformation in their lives so that it was possible to bring this gift of the Universe to the world.


With a very significant mission in the history of Earth evolution, the two are propagating the Águas de Mikael responsibly, impelling with love and contributing both to evolution and to our planetary evolution.



The creators of Águas de Mikael are focused on expanding awareness for the development of human potential with years of experience in this area. Tales Rossi and Mariana Mei, specialists in the field of vibrational medicine and researchers in quantum physics and quantum biology, are dedicated to developing new technologies to promote the health, well-being, and evolution of the human being.


Tales Rossi has a Professional Coach - Life Coaching, PCC® - is a member of the Latin American Coaching Society, and a postgraduate degree in biodynamic agriculture and environmental management, with a degree in Biology and Biomedicine.


Mariana is a physiotherapist, post-graduate in women's health - Unicamp. He has a Professional Coach - Life Coaching, PCC® - is a member of the Latin American Coaching Society.


Professionals with a broad vision of this new moment of planetary transition created the Águas de Mikael in order to accelerate the process of human evolution.



The mission is to make possible Águas de Mikael reach all beings on the planet.


The Águas de Mikael was materialized here on the Planet, with a greater purpose: to promote the construction of the new Earth - where all beings will be conscious and integrated into love, experiencing the truth of their highest consciousness.


Personal transformation is a necessary link to global transformation.

That is why we are part of this movement of ascension. The natural law of evolution, Being - Do - Have, is a path available to all.


A special message from Águas de Mikael to you

You are not here by chance. Their search for self-knowledge, truth, transformation, peace, happiness, and freedom, or whatever their motivating restlessness, brought this new possibility.


The Águas de Mikael will boost their growth and develop their autonomy, through the expansion of consciousness. This is a profound process of searching and meeting.


The proposal of Águas de Mikael is to facilitate access to the answers that are already inside you. We are all evolving divine beings, endowed with immense potential for realization, walking against the Cosmic Consciousness, which is the Whole from which our own Consciousness departed.


In this endless trajectory of learning and balance, beauty lies in understanding and living in this continuum stream. We believe that we come to this planet for the purpose of experiencing our history and freely expressing the essential energy of the Universe, which is Love, and dwells within each one.


May your journey continue with Love and Peace.



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